RentalSpike is a unique service…. a very useful, unique service for owners of rental properties and for property managers alike.  The concept of RentalSpike is really quite simple.  It takes all of the parts of managing rental properties that you don’t prefer and handles them for you. 

RentalSpike is not a property management company…. You can handle that just fine for yourself.   Rather, we step in and make your job of managing your rental properties easier.

If you are an owner, maybe you dislike taking the midnight emergency phone calls from tenants…or dealing with the dreaded eviction.  What about choosing the right tenant in the first place…without the ability to do background checks?  That’s why RentalSpike is here!

And professional property managers, are there parts of your business that you’d gladly offload if you could, but you don’t currently have the staff to do so?  How about answer vacancy calls….or maintenance calls 24/7 with your tenants calling us directly?  It sure would be nice to go on vacation and know that you weren’t missing an emergency call.  That’s why Rental Spike is here.

Go ahead….  Experience the freedom!